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Spring to Summer

The cool Spring giving way to the humid warmth of an Iowa Summer....well, not sure Iowa really had Spring this year, but we are on our way to Summer! And summer is when you can have fun with jewelry to accent your cool clothing. Think lightweight jewelry, with some pops of color or keep the pallet neutral.

Sterling or 14k white gold rings with sapphires, $150 - $750

A bracelet here, a long chain there, and a single BIG ring can be enough to make a statement without thinking too hard. Don't weigh yourself down with lots of layers. Keep it cool and unencumbered.

Reversible enamel pendants, $365

Enamel sterling/14k earrings $450.00

Sterling and carved bead earrings, $165

Lab grown diamond drop earrings, $955

Sterling silver fringe earrings, $75

Sterling and gold plated earrings, $60

Enjoy the season, and wear your sunscreen!

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