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Portrait of Brooke Sutphin -owner and designer of b.shannon designs

Brooke Sutphin

Owner / Designer


Brooke Sutphin, owner of b.shannon designs, has been designing and creating jewelry since graduating from the University of Kansas, with a BFA in design, in 1995. Her influences include architecture and dramatic organic forms in nature. The result is mediums combined into a wearable form of metal and stone that excites and delights the eye.


She works in a variety of metals from silver to platinum and uses a wide selection of gems and stones, from rough turquoise and pearls, to fine diamonds and precious gems. Brooke is always looking for that unique combination and contrast -- high polish mixed with unusual textures, that make her one-of-a kind creations a piece of wearable art.

Her experience with personal adornment and relationships with individuals and the symbols they wear helps her to rework existing pieces or create a completely original custom design. She also offers a personalized jewelry portfolio service if you are interested in updating your wardrobe accessories or redesigning your existing jewelry.




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