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Quartz - The Gemstone of Immense Variety

Quartz is one of the most common and varied minerals on earth. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth's continental crust, (Feldspar being the first) and it produces many gemstone types. Most people have heard of Amethyst and Citrine which are among the most popular and valuable gem varieties of Quartz. Lesser known forms are also some of my favorites.

Chalcedony describes any form of Quartz that is microcrystalline, which means it is composed of many tiny crystals that can't be seen with the naked eye. Chalcedony occurs in many different forms, colors, and patterns, and many varieties have been used as gemstones for centuries. In the gemstone trade, the term Chalcedony is often used specifically to describe the white, gray, or blue translucent type of Chalcedony, but its technical term includes all additional varieties. Chalcedony also has several varieties used as gemstones. 

Agate is one that I am very fond of and something you can usually spot in my cases at any time. Though agate is a common rock formation, consisting of  chalcedony and  quartz as its primary components, I have come across some very unique forms that have been cut into gem quality specimens, which I could never replace. 

If you want something a bit more unusual, great variety, a reasonable price point and can be turned into another one of kind wearable art form, come see what I can show you.

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