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Personal earring fashion: Length!

I have noticed a trend that I have always loved for my personal earring fashion. Length. Long. Dangling. As my mother said..."shoulder dusters!" It is on trend, right now! They don't have to be heavy, they can brush your collar bone, or hang a little longer than your average comfort zone. Branch out and be a little extreme. I promise you will love it!

Left: 14k yellow and white gold chain dangle earrings, $325.00

Right: Quartz and sterling earrings, $65.00

Left: Pearl, white jasper, sterling earrings, $165.00

Right: Quartz, rose gold, oxidized sterling earrings, $445.00

Sterling and 14ky red bead riviera curve earrings, $195.00

Sterling and enamel earrings, $185.00

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