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New Year Re-Fresh!

After Christmas/Holiday blues... the let down after Christmas doesn't really hit me until after the New Year, though I am happy to get things back to some different routine! Maybe look forward to a snow day or two in the future?

In the meantime, I always get this urge to cleanse... not just my physical self, but my surroundings! I know my customers are the same, as lots of people are bringing in their older jewelry and things passed down from family. Condensing of things we have sitting in a drawer and making better use of what we already have, with some tweaks of change. 

I have been taking customer's gemstones out of old mountings and resetting them into a new design... pendant, ring or.... ? I always tell my customers we can also do something with the old mountings as well. I prefer to use all the metal, if possible. Sometimes I reform it, bend it, re-shape it, or melt it down completely. 

Think about what you have and if you want to re-do something, giving it new life, in the New Year!

Customer's diamonds from a family piece… created a custom ring in 14 k white gold.

Customer's side stones from a family ring, and I provided a new turquoise Centerstone and fabricated a new ring mounting, in sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold.

A new, custom, one of a kind wedding ring with the customer's diamonds, and we provided a new red spinel Centerstone in rose gold and white gold.

Customer's diamond and cabochon star sapphire in a new 14 karat white gold ring mounting.

Earrings and pendant remade from a customer’s family heirloom bracelet of sapphires and diamonds.

Customer's side diamonds in the channels with treated blue diamonds as accent stones in a new custom-made mounting in 14 karat yellow gold.

Customer's diamonds from family heirloom rings, and I provided a new pear-shaped, treated, blue diamond and a custom made mounting in 14k white and yellow gold, to create another one of a kind wedding ring.

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