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Men's Jewelry... It's not all just for the ladies!

Men's jewelry has been seeing a rise in recent years. There was an article in the New York Times recently that said, "Millennials are driving men’s jewelry sales, generating half of the growth, followed by Gen Z and Gen X.”

Well, I can't say I disagree, but let me tell you, from my experience, they aren't the only ones! It used to be that when I had a man come into the store, it was for a wedding ring, and much of the time, it was one of the first jewelry purchases he had made other than a watch. Well, times are changing regarding men's fashion... social media, sharing of images, trends, and all of that covers all age ranges. I have many men, not only in the millennial bracket, but also in the 40 and over age range. They are looking for cuff links, rings for the right hand, bracelets, and neck chains.

The mixed metals available are also helping men realize the addition of jewelry into their wardrobe is easy. Leather mixed with stainless for bracelets, titanium, cobalt, tungsten carbide, for rings, all at an affordable price point that can gradually work into the wardrobe and perhaps, then more custom pieces if they decide they like wearing jewelry. A single piece of jewelry on a man can make for a real statement.

I get requests for custom cuff links, bracelets, tie tacks and lapel pins, but according to the current market, rings are the hot men’s item around the world, with NPD Group noting that, in the United States, they “generate one-third of the men’s jewelry sales and almost two-thirds of the industry growth. Necklaces/chains are the No. 2 category, generating one-quarter of sales.”

For those men that follow the current trends, they say....get a necklace. I say, be unique and go for what feels comfortable to you.

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