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Gold, Gold, Gold!

Gold. Warm, rich, valuable, multi-purpose in industry and the arts, gold is one of the oldest metals used by humans. It can be found in stream beds, like "panning for gold", and mining, which has been traced back as far as 3500 B.C. The largest deposit of gold, today, can be found in South Africa. It is known to be hundreds of miles across and more than two miles deep. There are also gold producers in Australia, the United States and Russia.

1.22 Carat Cushion Cut in 14ky Gold Ring

About 65% of processed gold is used in the arts industry, primarily jewelry. Gold is measured in karats. Most people know that gold is originally 24 karat and alloys are added to make it harder and sometimes changing the color, such as rose gold, green gold and white gold.

14k White Gold Wedding Set; Imperial Topaz in 14 ky Ring; 1.01 Carat in 14k White Gold

White gold has been popular for many years. White gold came about in the 19th century and became the more affordable alternative to platinum in the 1920's. Alloys are used to make yellow gold white, such as copper, silver, zinc, nickel and sometimes metals from the platinum family, such as palladium. Note: I have had many customers over the years that have an allergy to nickel in white gold. Sometimes we remake their rings in platinum, make nickel-free custom white gold pieces, or you can also try rhodium plating, which gives a temporary barrier to the nickel alloy in the gold. There is 58% pure gold by weight in 14kt gold. The balance of metal is the alloy mix chosen to be combined with the pure gold, which can be different for each jeweler or manufacturer according to their specific recipe.

14kw Radiant Cut Ring; Citrine in 14ky Ring; Green Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14kw

If you have concerns about nickel allergies, follow this link to answer more questions:

I get asked often if a piece should be made in 14k white or yellow gold. More often, my customers are flexible with their metal choices, as fashion is so varied, and you can really mix metals all you want. I look at the overall design of the item, if it could be two-toned, and if there are colored gemstones, they might lend toward one color metal over another. I often find myself saying, "There are no rules!"

Gold jewelry will always be in style, regardless of color. With proper care it can last for generations. So, be bold with your gold!

14ky Marquis Band

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