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Black... never been gone.

It seems when I am at a loss for what to wear, no matter the occasion, I turn to the rich and yet casual color of black. When it comes to jewelry, you can accent any outfit with it. Pair black accents with gold or silver metal or color.

1) Patina sterling/rose gold earrings, 2) Rutilated dark forest quartz pendant, 3) Tourmalated quartz earrings

Try out black ceramic jewelry, sterling silver with a darkened patina, or black titanium and tungsten carbide. Look for black gems, like tourmalated quartz, and black diamonds, or black pearls...natural or imitation.

1) Sterling 14k earrings with patina, 2) Sterling/14k earrings with patina diamonds and imitation black pearls

Don't be afraid to stick with the basics of black, even though Spring is coming!

Ceramic link bracelet

1) Bi-colored quartz 14k pendant, 2) Black cat’s eye and stainless ring, 3) Stirrup earrings in 14k and patina sterling

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