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Take just a peak at any fashion magazine and you get the idea.... Big is the theme, in jewelry!

I remember when the earrings I wore in High School couldn't be big enough....weight, however, was another issue! I had the hoop earrings as big as grapefruit, I used Kodak disc film negatives as earrings, and of course, vintage Christmas ornaments during the holidays. Happy to say, my earlobes are still intact! (Pictured above: Enamel Double-Disc Pendant, Turquoise Ring, and Reversible Enamel Pendant.)

Statement earrings are here in all kinds of materials. It's ok if pendants are the bullseye of your outfit, bracelets and rings, no matter what the size can be stacked anyway you like! Just be carful of materials and stones making contact, as scratches and chipped stones are not ideal.

Here at the store, I am playing with cable hoops in layers and dangling to your shoulders, paper thin metals, and tassels to play against the ornate clothes that layer so well in the cooler months. Don't forget color, too! Enamel works well, in place of heavy gemstones hanging from your ears. (Pictured above: Cable Hoop Earrings, Quartz Earrings, and Yellow-Gold Hoop Dangle Earrings.)

Come in for a new twist on your wardrobe, and lets's dress you up for the Fall season!

Lemon Quartz Ring

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