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Warm Up with Yellow Gold!

The cooler seasons are upon us, and what better way to warm up, than with the warmth of yellow gold? Wear the metal alone, with chains, earrings, or bracelets. Put beautiful colored gemstones with 14kt. or 18kt. and stay warm this Fall into Winter.

Let me help put some sparkle on you this season!

Gold plated and solid gold neck pieces: $395 - $215

Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated

Affordability is something to consider as well as wearability, when buying gold jewelry. If you are investing in gold, it has longevity in style as well as durability over time. If you are purchasing gold plated (or gold filled) jewelry, the price point Is considerably lower, but you have to treat it differently. The piece will not keep the gold “coating” pristine if it is worn everyday and exposed to hash wear. The plating is only a layer of gold that is electroplated as a coating over silver or some other base metal.

If you wear gold plated jewelry occasionally and avoid scratching or excessive rubbing, the finish can last indefinitely. Usually you can tell something is gold filled or plated by the stamp on the piece. Usually, it says “14GP”.

Gold plated sterling bracelets: $245 - $385

If you are looking for a piece that has more long wearing characteristics, solid gold is the best option with a higher price point.

If you are wearing your jewelry pieces everyday it deserves to be an investment that warrants a higher price tag so it will last.

14kt. Earrings: $595 - $125

With all that said, gold is not steel. It is harder than silver, and most jewelry is made of 14k or 18K gold, because 24k is too soft for today's modern jewelry designs and lifestyles. Take care of your jewelry and it will last a lifetime.

Natural brown diamond and white diamond ring: $4,400

Pink sapphire Bezel set ring: $975

Double green tourmaline ring: $1,995

Rings in 14kt. Yellow gold: $1,600 - $900 range shown.

Come in to see me if you ever have questions on how your jewelry is wearing and let me clean and check it, at least every three to six months depending on how often you wear it and your lifestyle while wearing it.

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