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Vacation Jewelry Packing

Packing for vacation is rarely easy. No matter if you are going abroad, to your own vacation home, across the country, the beach, or the can be the hardest thing to decide on. Many people don't want to take their most expensive pieces, but still want to make a statement. A trick I like to use is not to think day versus evening. Take jewelry that can mix and even mismatch. Bring a pair of earrings that you can wear with everything and one statement piece for when you want to stand out. Take a few whimsical items, like pieces you can layer or wear alone. Think of packing light and items that you can wear several times but mix up just enough to look different, just like your clothing.

Amethyst Pendant, $1,200

Freshwater Pearl Strand, $185

14ky Link Chain, $1,400

Recycled Gold Pendant, $285

Three-Tiered Melted Earrings, $575

14ky Octagon Ring, $875

Large Recycled Pendant in Gold & Sterling, $355

14ky "V" Earrings, $225 Dangle "V" Triangle Gold Plated Earrings, $55

14k White Link Earrings, $785

Tri-Color earrings, $55

14k Rose Gold Mini Love Knot Pendant, $110

14k Rose Gold Chain, $125

Sunset Bead Pendant with Sterling Chain, $265

Sterling Swirl Earrings, $75

Gold Plate Leaf Pendant and 26” Chain, $65

14ky Fringe Earrings, $225

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