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Stainless Steel Jewelry- Great for Summer, or anytime of year!

Stainless steel is popular for jewelry because it is affordable and durable. It is harder than most other metals and can withstand most daily activities without scratching as easily and it doesn't tarnish, even with minimal maintenance. It can have a variety of finishes such as matte, brushed, engraved and high polish.

Stainless threader earrings, $50 Stainless half circle earrings, $35 Stainless square earrings, $30 Gold plated stainless chain 22”, $155

Stainless steel is made of at least 10.4% chromium and at most 1.2% carbon. This is combined with other alloys like nickel and titanium which gives durability. It is also hypoallergenic. 

Stainless steel jewelry is easily dressed up or down, from casual to formal depending on the occasion.

Stainless link necklace, $95, and Stainless link earrings, $40

Stainless and cat’s eye 26” necklace, $85

For the sustainable conscious, stainless steel is recyclable with a near 100% recovery rate. It is environmentally inert and neutral if it comes in contact with other elements.

The value of stainless steel jewelry does not increase, as with other precious metals, but the affordability makes that understandable. 

It does not scratch easily but it can dent over time, if not taken care of. 

As for cleaning, treat it like most other metals and use soap and water, rinsing well after cleaning. Like other metals, don't use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Although it is difficult to scratch, it can still get micro-abrasions, if not treated kindly.

Tips for cleaning:

  • Try to clean your stainless steel jewelry about once a month or often if it gets dirty. Cleaning it and maintaining it often will help it last a long time.

  • Keep your pieces away from chemicals like bleach and detergents. Regular exposure to them can cause discoloration

  • Store your pieces in separate compartments so they don’t rub against each other during storage. This will protect them from scratches and other damage caused by abrasion and impact.

So get yourself some wonderful stainless jewelry and enjoy the versatility! 

Stainless hematite neckwire, $45

Stainless hinged bracelet, $119

Stainless orange enamel earrings, $35

Stainless wide cuff bracelet, $250

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