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Spinel...the Unknown Beauty

Spinel, referred to as the "great imposter". This natural gemstone has remained largely unknown in the main stream jewelry world. Until recently, spinel was an under appreciated gem with little consumer recognition. In ancient times, it was the treasured property of kings and emperors, often passing through many hands as spoils of war. In fact many famous "rubies" of historical jewels, were actually spinels.

Red spinel: 1.12ct., $225

Purple spinel: 1.21ct., $185

Pink spinel: 1.57ct., $200

This beautiful gem ranges in color, from reds, pinks, purples....The most valued spinel colors are bright red, cobalt blue, and vivid pink and orange. Pale lavender is more affordable. Fine-color spinel is rare above five carats. Most fine-quality rough is cut to non-standard sizes to save weight. Of course, I tend to love to design with the most unusual shapes, when I find them. Spinel also has great wearability as it has a higher hardness rating, just below sapphire.

Plum, Lavender, Purple Ppinel

4.01ct. Cushion cut, $2500

1.67ct. Triangle fancy cut, $1252

2.93ct. Cushion cut, $2200

2.35ct. Oval cut, $1175

For the upcoming holidays, think of giving something unusual with a custom created piece of jewelry with spinel. I have loose stones in stock and ready to design something special for you.

Rose spinel and diamond ring in 14k white gold, $1750

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