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Rhodolite Garnet, such an underrated gem!

One of my favorite gemstones is the Rhodolite garnet. It can be rose pink, purplish-pink, raspberry-red or purplish-red. The most desired color is raspberry red. It has a very reasonable price point and Rhodolite looks good in yellow or white gold, and what a great Fall color to incorporate into your Fall wardrobe.

The garnet family of gemstones is quite diverse. Tsavorite, Spessartite, Almandite, color change and more. Garnet refers to a group of 10 variants of precious stones, categorized by their chemical elements and color. Red is the color most garnets come in, though they also come in yellow, green and bright orange. They don’t come in blue though there are greenish blue garnets which are prone to color change.

On the technical side, they have a high refractive index which gives them their brilliance. They are a relatively hard stone on Mohs hardness scale, so they are durable in rings, as well as other jewelry. Rhodolite garnet can also appear similar to rubyspinel and  tourmaline.

The famous Russian jeweler, Faberge, created brooches from rhodolite garnet gemstones during the 19th century. One such piece of work is fashioned from rhodolite garnet, gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel and silver.

I have some lovely Rhodolite garnets at the store if you would like to see them. It might be the perfect time to show off the beauty of a stone that many people will have to ask, "What is that stone?"

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