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Perfect Pear

The beautiful pear shaped gemstone. You might tend to think it a bit dated, but I find it to be a limitless source for the most wonderful jewelry designs.

Dendritic Quartz (30x15mm), $125.00

Agate and rutilated quartz pendant in sterling, $645

The pear shape is just a brilliant as the round, but if you're talking about diamonds, they can be a little more affordable. The round brilliant cut is still the premier as far as diamond sales, but for myself, I love a little variety in shapes, and the pear shape gives me what I am looking for. As a designer, I love that you have the organic curve and the geometric point. I can go modern, or traditional, perhaps with a twist. Pear shapes can vary in dimension which can lead to some amazing design options.

Diamond ring, 1.87ct., 14k White Gold, $16,652

So, if you are looking for a diamond or a colored stone, come into the store and create a one of a kind look that no one else will have.

See you soon!


Pear Shaped Gemstones

Green Tourmaline, $250 per carat Spessorite Garnet, 2.82ct. $1600

Bi-color Tourmaline (21x11mm), 14.17cts. $615

Citrine (11x8mm) $75 and amethyst (17x12mm) $225

Ammolite (36x29mm) $390

Pink tourmaline (16x12mm) 9.27cts. $2275


Custom Pear Shaped Jewelry

Here are some examples of custom jewelry made for clients.

For similar designs, price on request.

Pear-Shaped Diamond, 1.18ct. in 14k white gold

Topaz and diamond pendant in 14kw and antiqued sterling

Opal and diamond pendant, 14k white gold

Quartz with Lepidolite and diamond pendant in 14kw and antiqued sterling

Iron stained quartz pendant

Two-tone pendant made from customer's wedding bands

Ruby and pear shaped diamond earrings in 14k white and yellow gold

Blue zircon and diamond ring in 14k white gold

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