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In a Rut with Jewelry Fashion?

It's still summer, least we forget, but at this time of year, I start thinking about how we are entering the last phase of summer, and I  start to get excited about the coming Fall season. It must be a combination of the end of Summer heat and the beginning of Fall crispness, because I am enamored with the color of gold!

Quartz Pendant in Sterling and 14ky Gold

I always look to fashion for my hits or inspiration and I am finding I am drawn to the shimmer of gold this year! I see it in clothing, in hair, in makeup, and many of my stones have the hint of gold in them.

There are an amazing variety of gems that have the hints of gold in subtle or overt ways. I love rutilated quartz, and it comes in so many variations. There is dendritic agate with rust, black and gold, there are pearls ranging from dyed, to freshwater, to Golden South Sea. Citrine and topaz always find warmth in my designs, as well.

So, whether you glitter it up like a celebrity or tone it down with earthy hues, come in and layer it up or go for a signature piece! See you soon!

Selection of Rutilated Quartz

Amber Pendant in Sterling and 14k Gold

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