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Hello All and Here's to the Holidays!

I am an optimist by nature. I have a positive outlook on most things, yet, I do not ignore the hard place many people are in during these times of political struggles, health heartaches, and the economic ferris wheel we are riding.

There is part of me that knows change is always happening, recognized or not, and for this season I urge you to be in the moment, settle on the joy that we can bring ourselves, and one another, in whatever method you feel is right.

Because I am a jeweler, this time of year, especially, is when I relish helping people give a little sparkle to those they love. It is the time of year, more so than any other, is when the spirit of giving explodes. The happiness I feel when someone chooses to give a loved one something that I have created, is the greatest solace for me.

So, I thank all of you that have continued to support of myself, all other small businesses, and artists during these uncertain times...and, I am certain, our spirit will endure. Enjoy the newest designs pictured and please inquire if you are interested!

Happy Holidays to you all!


Sterling & Diamond Ring, $250; Fantasy Tourmaline Ring in 14kw, $3,780

Lemon Quartz in 14kw Ring, $3,450; Diamond Abstract Band in 14kw Ring, $1,450; Imperial Topaz in 14ky, $1,595

Green Sapphire & Diamond Ring in 14kw, $2,750; Carmel Diamond Ring, $2,540; 14kw and Sterling Earrings, $185

16.11 Emerald Cut Ametrine and .12ct Diamond Pendant in 14k

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