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Green Bling

Have you heard the latest green trend? From green living, to green footprint, to green in fashion to green gems! When someone asks you to name a  green gemstone you most probably think of emerald, but there are many other green stones including tourmaline, chrome diopside, chrome tourmaline, peridot, chrysoprase, tsavorite, chrysoberyl, bloodstone, alexandrite, sapphire and jade.

Tourmaline, in its variety of hues, comes in as many shades of green as foliage! It's a relatively durable stone, so it can be easily worn in rings. It is also the October birthstone, so you aren't limited to pink, if you are more a lover of green.

Emerald in its classic traditions, will always hold a fond spot in my heart. It is a softer stone, so treating it kindly is a must. Different regions around the world have supplies, but the most recognizable is the Columbian emerald from Brazil. You can find other shades from other countries with different values as well as colors of green.

Ammonite has many varieties of colors, but green is a stunning example of this material. It is a fossilized material that glistens like none other. This is also a "stone" that should be treated with care, but if you do, it will last as a conversation piece you will cherish.

Turquoise is the stone so poplar in the Southwest, with amazing craftsmanship in jewelry done by Native Americans. It is found in several mines with characteristics inherent in the turquoise depending on where it is mined, just as with other gemstones. It has a beautiful range of greens to blues.

These are just a sample of the beautiful stones you can choose from in this versatile color. There are so many more, green stones and other jewelry materials, such as glass and enamel.

Come into the store and ask about the possibilities. See you soon!

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