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Custom designing jewelry and shopping local...

I find it is getting a bit less intimidating for people to think about acquiring custom jewelry. It doesn't have to cost a fortune...or it can! Of course, you can go to the chain jewelry stores, department stores, or on-line, and that is all ok. However, shopping local and getting something custom comes with another set of advantages.

There are endless benefits when it comes to shopping locally, and the same goes for doing your business with local jewelers. When looking to purchase fine jewelry, you want to feel confident. When you work with a local jeweler, you know that they will be there throughout the entire process and beyond. I often relate buying fine jewelry to buying a car. They can both be significant purchases, and you want to know that there will be someone there to be informative, stand behind the product, be there for future maintenance, and know they are getting the highest quality for the best price. 

There are other considerations other than just price to take into account when you buy jewelry, and especially when you are getting a custom piece of jewelry. You will have an experience. Depending on whether you bring in an old family piece to redesign or purchase a gemstone from me and we design something from scratch, or if you pick a piece straight from the display cases, you will be led through the entire process to whatever degree you want.

Another advantage of buying locally is that you are directly supporting the community and fostering community relationships. One of my greatest pleasures and pride is creating relationships through my business and hearing people's stories. It seems there is always a story behind a piece of jewelry, whether it be new or old. I would love help create or continue a story with you.

custom diamond and emerald ring
Customer's emerald and diamonds made into a contemporary fashion ring.

custom diamond anniversary ring
Double diamond anniversary ring with customer's original diamond and new 1-carat diamond.

custom two-toned 14k and 18k ring
Two-toned 14k white and 18k yellow ring with customer's diamonds.

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