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This word could apply to so many things, as "change is what we are inundated with, right now. From a pandemic, to inequality, to the lesser emotional changes in our daily lives...a new hair style....thank goodness for a hair cut at all! To a change of wardrobe for a new season, specialty, redesigning jewelry from what you already have, to something brand new!

Symbols of change are anything from a subtle change in someone's appearance to major cultural shifts. So, as an artist, craftsperson, creator, I have been battling with how I can keep a place alive, during this trying time, and continue creating something of value for people. It could be of significant monetary value, or something that is more of a token of moments in time, that you want to remember, and that doesn't have to cost a lot.

I am currently working on expanding my "Hope" and "Love" concepts and yet, moving into a "change". If you keep up with my Facebook page and website, I will be posting new things, but for this blog, I want to share some pieces that I have transformed for people. From old to new again...enjoy!

A 14ky gold wedding set with a new conforming band to add width and more sparkle to commemorate an anniversary.

A grandfather's diamond ring, using the diamonds and creating an everyday ring for a birthday.

Using three family rings to recreate a more modern design.

Two simple gold bands....with adding stone and more metal, creating a high fashion, sculptural ring.

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