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April's birthstone...diamond.

April has the great designation of having diamond as the birthstone for the month. It does have advantages! Diamond is the hardest gemstone, so wearability is not an issue.

As fashion styles change and trends move along through the years, the shapes of diamonds and the settings they are put in, change. In the jewelry industry, the round brilliant cut diamond still seems to remain the top of the list of desired shapes. Just like colored stones, every diamond is different, regarding quality, shape and size.

As an artist, personally, I love a challenge of making an amazing piece with any shape of diamond. The simple solitaire will always be classic and never go out of style, and if you want something a bit more unusual...come talk to me about designing a one of a kind piece with a new diamond or with one of your own from another piece of jewelry you don't wear so much these days. With one stone or many, we can design the perfect piece for you.

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