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Re-Designing Your Older Jewelry

Do you have some jewelry you used to love but you haven't worn in a long time? Maybe you just to to redesign it! I get customer's in the store quite often, and they talk about how they have this ring or pendant or earrings that they never wear. I can tell you, it's one of my favorite things, to redesign someone's old stones and perhaps even the metal, into something updated and unique. So, go through your old jewelry and bring in what you haven't wore in years, and let's see what we can recreate!

The pictures you see in this post are examples of things reworked with the customer's stones. Sometimes we use every stone they have, sometimes I supply additional stones, and other times we select just a few of the customer's stones....we can always do something with the leftover stones at another time.

The stones in these three rings were removed to create a brand new, updated piece.

If you have ideas, then bring them, otherwise I can come up with something you may never have thought of! The jewelry sky is limitless!

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